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Número de Parte:FR-2054T
8-channel FRNet Isolated Digital Input and 8-channel Isolated Digital Output Module

The FR-2054T module provides 8 Isolated Sink Type Digital Outputs and 8 Isolated Sink/Source Digital Inputs. The I/O data transmission is controlled by the FRnet control chip. FRnet was designed to provide deterministic high speed network communication. The communication mechanism is dominated by the token-stream, which is generated by the network manager located at a specific node (SA0). This manager provides for fixed scan-time and I/O synchronization capabilities without the need of any special communication protocol.

Special anti-noise circuitry has also been built into the FRnet control chip to ensure communication reliability. This distributive digital output module must be connected to other modules or a host controller with a network manger built in.

  • Built-in Wire-saving FRnet DI/DO control
  • High-speed transmission reliability
  • Simple synchronization mechanism
  • No software overhead on protocol processing
  • Supporting broadcasting (1:n data transmission)
  • Duplicating output easily
  • Fixed I/O scan-time and I/O synchronization
  • DIN-Rail

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