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The DNA-GPS provides a high performance GPS receiver capability for PowerDNA and UEILogger Cubes. The GPS provides location information with a positional error less than 3 meters in areas served by the WAAS (most of North America) and 15 meter accuracy worldwide. In addition to providing location information, the GPS is an ideal source of accurate time/date information. Finally, the GPS 1 PPS (pulse per second) output is synchronized to UTC time within ±1 microsecond. This makes the GPS’s 1 PPS signal an exceptionally accurate means to synchronize systems, whether across the room, or across the continent.

The heart of the DNA-GPS is the Garmin GPS 16-HVS. It offers an ideal combination of high accuracy, low power, small size and ease of use. It’s even waterproof (1 meter for 30 minutes). To simplify connection of the GPS to the Cube, the DNA-GPS product includes the DNA-STP-GPS break-out board. The DNASTP-GPS splits the signals on the GPS RJ-45 connector into more easily connected utilized connectors. It provides the two GPS serial ports on standard DB9 connectors. It maps the 1 PPS signal directly into the cube’s sync connector (as well as a BNC). It receives power from a standard cube daisy-chain connector. An on board LED flashes on each 1 PPS signal, allowing a quick visual confirmation of proper GPS operation and satellite synchronization. The DNA-GPS includes all the appropriate cables required to interface the various GPS signals to the Cube.

The GPS receiver component used in the DNA-GPS is purchased directly from Garmin. As a buy/resell item it is not covered by our 10-year availability warranty. However we certainly expect that we can keep it, or a direct substiture available for the foreseable future.

  • Better than 3 meter accuracy (using WAAS)
  • Simple connection to DNA-SL-501 serial interface layer
  • 1 PPS synchronized to UTC within 1 µS
  • Product includes DNA-STP-GPS break-out panel
  • Requires less than 600 mW
  • Compatible with all popular NMEA protocols

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