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Número de Parte:DNA-CT-601

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The DNA-CT-601 is a general-purpose counter/timer board (layer) that provides eight independent 32-bit channels, each one having overvoltage protection and optoisolation. They perform up/down counting in a number of flexible modes using values from a Load Register and two Compare Registers. They can act as an event counter, perform width/period measurements and run in quadrature-encode mode where the user sets the direction of the counting. The counters also will generate PWM outputs or monitor Quadrature encoder inputs.

  • 8 independent counter/timer units
  • Start/pause/stop all channels simultaneously
  • 32-bit prescaler per channel; quadrature encoder support
  • Multiple period counter with accumulated results
  • Works with either internal (66 MHz) or external (max 16.5 MHz) timebases
  • 256 x 32-bit Input FIFO and 256 x 32-bit Output FIFO on each counter
  • Debouncing/glitch removal on external clock and gate inputs
  • 16 interrupt sources on every counter
  • 8 Counting modes

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