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Tarjeta de adquisicion de datos USB con 24 bits configurables como entradas o salidas digitales, incluye 1 entrada de contador de 32-bits para pulsos TTL (frecuencia maxima de 1 MHz), conector DB37 y no tiene carcasa. Incluye cable USB de 3 metros.

USB-DIO24 Series boards (left) provide 24 DIO. The USB-1024 Series (middle) provide the same functionality as the USB-DIO24 Series and are shipped in a case. USB-DIO96H Series (right) provide 96 DIO, high-drive current output and are shipped in a metal enclosure.

The USB-DIO24, -1024, and -DIO96H Series are digital I/O data acquisition devices. The USB-1024 Series adds 24 lines of logic-level digital I/O to any USB port. The USB-1024HLS high output current can drive many logic level devices directly, eliminating the need for costly buffer circuitry.

The USB-DIO24 Series has all the functionality of the USB-1024 Series, but is enclosed in a case and designed with a D connector that matches the PCI-DIO24, making it easy to replace PCI boards in your applications.

The USB-DIO96H Series provides 96 lines of high-current, logic-level, bidirectional digital I/O. The units offer 4 independent 24-bit DIO groups, each divided into two 8-bit ports and two 4-bit ports. The outputs can drive a wide assortment of external devices directly, without additional buffering. USB-DIO96H Series are housed in a heavy-duty chassis with integrated mounting slots

  • 24 digital I/O (USB-DIO24 Series and USB-1024 Series) or 96 digital I/O (USB-DIO96H Series).
  • High current output available.
  • Event counter available.
  • Available as board-only (USB-DIO24 Series), enclosed in a housing (USB-DIO96H Series), or cased (USB-1024 Series).
  • SupportedOperatingSystems Windows® 10/8/7/Vista®/XP 32/64-bit.

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