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The Linear Cable Encoder (LCE) provides a low cost alternative for obtaining accurate linear measurements. As opposed to typical rotary shaft style encoders, the LCE has a retractable stainless steel cable, allowing for numerous measuring configurations. Placing the LCE away from harsh environmental conditions, while still providing precise measurements, gives the LCE an outstanding advantage over shaft style encoders. Installation is easy with a variety of cable exit directions, and perfect parallel alignment no longer necessary. The heart of the LCE is the popular Cube Accu-Coder™, the original cube style encoder. The LCE provides a reliable digital pulse train in either single channel or quadrature format, with resolutions down to 0.002" per cycle. The small overall size, a variety of resolutions, and many different connector types, makes the versatility of the LCE unbeatable. F e at u r e s Low Cost Linear Solution Resolutions from 2-500 Cycles per Inch IP65 Sealing Available Cable Measurement from 0-50"

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