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Gateway, conecta dispositivos RTU esclavos a PLC Allen-Bradley. Montaje en Panel
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Modbus RTU Slave Devices to an Allen-Bradley PLC Panel Mounted Gateway. (also available Din Rail Mounting version 460ETCMM-N34-D)
Easily connect up to 32 Modbus RTU slave devices to an Allen-Bradley PLC.

Get Your Modbus RTU Slave Devices Connected Directly to the Data Table of your Allen-Bradley PLC
The 460ETCMM moves data between up to 32 Modbus RTU Slave devices and up to 5 different Allen-Bradley PLC’s. It’s the perfect tool to help save legacy Modbus RTU devices from the scrap pile and also allows you to use the plethora of Modbus RTU devices available in your Allen-Bradley PLC architectures.

Best of all the product is Made in the USA and is always in stock.

How Does the Data Move In and Out of the PLC?
You allocate two areas of tags or register blocks in your Allen-Bradley PLC. One area is a user defined set of write only tags or register blocks accepting data from your Modbus RTU devices. The other area is full of read only tags or register blocks to send data to your Modbus RTU devices. You directly map Modbus RTU register and coil data into read and write locations in the data table of your Allen-Bradley PLC.

It’s really that simple. Need to modify your data as it passes from one protocol to the other? No problem. Each data mapping you apply can be modified with up to 3 mathematic functions. Add 4 to a value, multiply by 4 and divide by 10 with ease.

Why use Logicbus and Real Time Automation as a Gateway Supplier?
The 460ETCMM provides an option to access Modbus RTU Slave devices without having to upgrade your PLC or get an expensive in rack solution. While there are certainly a number of other companies offering stand alone gateways, there is no one who provides the level of support and service that you receive from Logicbus and RTA.

Included with Gateway:

  • 120 volt AC Wall Wart Power Supply
  • Manual
  • 6' Power cable with Flying leads
  • IPSetup software — Automatically locates RTA Gateway on the network
  • Unlimited Firmware Feature Upgrades for Life
  • CAT5 Cross over cable for direct connection to PC during programming
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  • 460ETCMM-N34-D
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    Gateway Feature and Functions
    Gateway Security You can configure up to 9 different users access to diagnostic and configuration screens
    Alarming Set <, <=, >=, >, ==, !=, and Change-of-State rules on any data moving through the gateway. If alarm rule is triggered an email notification can be sent
    Translation Table Allows for data manipulation during protocol translation. Scaling and other data format changes can occur in the gateway
    Status and Counters Protocol specific status, counters and error messages are accessible within the gateways diagnostics page. They can also be delivered to a connected device
    Diagnostic Logging Page Allows users to see and log start up sequences, protocol specific messages & error messages
    Allen-Bradley PLC - Ethernet/IP Tag Client Features
    PLC Support ControlLogix, CompactLogix, FlexLogix, MicroLogix, SLC’s and PLC5E’s
    Maximum Number of PLCs Supported 5
    Maximum Number Read Tags or Registers Supported 150 per PLC
    Maximum Number Write Tags or Registers Supported 150 per PLC
    Net ENI Support Supported
    Supported Data Types ControlLogix / CompactLogix / FlexLogix: Bit, 32 Bit Array, SINT, INT, REAL, STRING, DINT, MicroLogix / SLC / PLC5E: 16 Bit Array, INT, REAL, STRING
    Modbus RTU Master Features
    Modbus Operation Modes Modbus RTU Master
    Function Codes Supported 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15 & 16
    Swapping Byte and Word Swapping
    Maximum Modbus TCP/IP Server Devices 32
    Number Read/Write Scan Lines per Server Device 200 Total - 100 reads & 100 writes
    Scan Line Support Up to 125 Registers or 512 Coils
    Electrical / Environmental
    DC Input Voltage 24 VDC @ 125 mA
    Maximum Baud Rate 115K Baud
    Operating Temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
    Certification RoHS-Compliant, UL, CUL, CE Approvals, Class 1 Div 2
    Enclosure / Hardware
    Size 4.2” x 3.25” x 1”
    Weight 5 oz.
    Enclosure Type Anodized Aluminum
    Mounting Panel
    LEDs Ethernet Link/Data LED, Ethernet Speed LED, Power LED, & 2 general purpose LEDS on side
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